What Difference Does HDR make With Smartphone Images?

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On all the smartphones I get my hands on these days there’s a n HDR function. Quite often I find that the default is ‘Auto’ but what difference does it really make?

What Is HDR?

High Dynamic Range or HDR is a technique of combining three or more images to make one evenly exposed image. That is, one for shadows, one for mid-tones and one for highlights. Photographers have been creating HDR images for some time using software from Photomatix, Adobe or other third party software providers.

The Smartphone HDR

What smartphones do however is take the images and combine them on the fly, meaning just the final image is saved to memory. Let’s examine the difference between an HDR and non HDR image taken on the iPhone 6;

Size Matters

The first difference we see is the size of the images,


We can see here that the HDR image…

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